03. Bottleneck

This week was NOT long enough. I feel I may be too ambitious in either my attempt to accomplish an animation within only a week or my aspirations are too high given the timescale. Although I am not a single man without responsibilities, I refuse to make excuses. Instead I shall impose some rules… limitations, a canvas no less within which to work!

I mean, bottleneck alone is like a whole idea with so much to explore and to produce it within a week without proper integration cheapens it.

Damn these constraints! …I have laid myself a challenge and I must see it through.

01. 5-10seconds. (part of me thinks this is going to make it harder)
02. B&W only. (maybe just one or two colours)
03. You win some u lose some, don’t worry about it. (it feels like mainly losing at the moment)

01. Leap

Here we go! So, pretty basic C4D stuff here. A (very) small homage to Yves Klein. I totally don’t do his work / him justice but for me, an inspirational starting point and one that I hope to come back to. Some c4d dynamics, took a few camera angles & pretty much dove straight into AfterEffects to play around with sound & timeRemap.